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The game was build by me and JakyeRU (Scripter)

We've spent a lot of time building this facility, sadly we never got the time to finish it so I've decided someone can purchase it and make it a fun site.


More about the game:

  • Scripted doors using Roblox servo system, permissions for every door (Normal mode & Lockdown mode)
    • If the door is on lockdown, it will close automatically after 5 seconds it's been completely opened and while the door is in stage, lockdown permissions will be loaded.
    • If the door is on normal mode, those who have the normal permissions can close & open the door.
    • Custom interaction script, if you are close enough to a door, you have to press E for it to open/close.
  • Remote clicker for the doors
    • You can equip it and use left click to open/close a door and right click to change the status from normal mode to lockdown and vice-versa.
    • If you want to use it while it's not equipped, hold Q and use right & left click like said previously.
    • You can give anyone this tool by typing “agive Remote” in the admin command line.
    • The remote will bypass any permissions, those who own the tool will be able to use it, no need for hard coding permissions.
  • Main menu
    • While this is not the greatest, it works. You have a module script where you can introduce permissions for every team, primary, armor and secondary.
  • Original map
    • I've build this facility from my imagination and I own all the credits for it.
  • Cars
    • There's a buggy available in the control room, it's a well made free asset.
  • Chat spy
  • Guns framework
    • Our guns are based on Ulferno's framework, they have been highly modify by JakyeRU in the purpose of perfection :)

Here's a Youtube video with every detail:

Scorpion-7 Facility


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License Single Entity
File size 12.07 MB
Latest version Version 1.2.0